The Most Essential Component of Business Success

The Most Essential Component of Business Success
Trans4mative Strategy

"Lean" Strategy is fast, practical, cost effective, and most importantly - executable. We can help any organization have more strategic thinking today.

Effective Framing for Speed

Effective Framing for Speed

What are the primary objectives we hope to accomplish? What is the balance of allotted time and inclusion?

Planning for Success

Planning for Success

We consider traditional project and program planning to be a strategic element of any effort.

Preparation for Efficiency

Preparation for Efficiency

We won’t start with a blank page, but rather, a baseline from pre-work for initial reactions.

Experienced Facilitation

Experienced Facilitation

There is a method to “the magic” for group strategy sessions. We generally complete ours in 1-2 days.

Rapid Synthesis

Rapid Synthesis

Meaningful results are achieved when the essence of strategy takes focus for all participants.

Simple Documentation

Simple Documentation

As a final step, we put the strategy down on paper in a simple, easy to understand format to socialize broadly.

Why Strategy Matters

Strategic Thinking is a Component of any Effort Worth Undertaking

Strategy is one of the most essential components of business success, but also one of the more difficult efforts to perform successfully. So many individual ideas of what strategy is exist in the minds of stakeholders that setting expectations among them can prove challenging. Strategy is also often misinterpreted as a necessarily expensive and time-consuming undertaking to be applied only in fewer cases, or even worse – as a “pure thinking” exercise that does not achieve real value as an outcome.

In truth, strategy is a valuable component of almost any effort worth undertaking. The key to success is the use of a framework for strategy that allows stakeholders to “rightsize” this effort and calibrate it to the area of strategic focus. This kind of strategy development can be applied to an entire company, an operating unit, active teams, or even a medium-sized to large project. It is always a good idea to get interested parties together and agree on objectives and tactics. With the right approach, any company can afford to have more strategic thinking today.

Steps to Realize a Strategy

Basic Strategy Timeline

Scope & Plan

Which ideas/topics are included? More importantly, which are excluded? Who should participate?

Planning & Prep

Perform necessary research, develop discussion materials, and schedule sessions.


We will facilitate dynamic group sessions over a period of 1-2 days that will define the elements of strategy


Document the strategy using a simple and lightweight notation technique for clarity and focus

Validate & Communicate

Review results, refine where needed, and begin sharing and communicating with stakeholders

Execute & Measure

The real key to realizing strategy is using it to measure achievements for accountability

Our Method

The Trans4mative Method Centers On

  • Clear framing of the strategy effort and effective setting of expectations – what is our scope?
  • Balancing speed and inclusion – who needs to participate and how fast are the results needed?
  • Thorough “pre-work” – we won’t start with a blank page, but rather, an informed baseline for the initial reaction
  • Strong facilitation skills – there is a “method to the magic” for good leadership of group strategy sessions. Our facilitated strategy sessions are generally completed within 1-2 days
  • Simplicity – less is more. Our approach focuses on the creation of very simple, easy to understand results
  • Discipline – we time-box strategy development efforts to avoid over-investment in diminishing returns
  • Flexibility – utilize best practices as a guide, but adjust for the uniqueness of the team

The Benefits of Strategy

When realized successfully, strategy can be a very effective tool for unifying people and clarifying both group and individual purpose – not as much from the final result, but from the journey they take together to reach shared conclusions. A very simple documented outcome memorializes the process so all participants can “see it in writing”. In addition, a good initial strategy effort informs any team’s ability to measure results moving forward. It becomes the agreed-upon baseline for measuring company, business unit, or project benefits attainment.

We have a proven approach to help align vision to tactics with strategy.

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